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format file npt

What is a npt file and how do I open a npt file?

The NPT file extension is known as Portfolio NetPublish Template which was developed by Extensis. It is a pre-cursor template file format used for creating a Portfolio NetPublish project. It is a pre-designed Web interface with customizable sections and executable scripts that can be published to the Web. Sections are usually denoted by [[...]] used for inserting custom code and image references. The code [[ Global.Header ]] and [[ Global.footer ]] can only be used in '.npt' files The customized version of the project is saved as an .np file. The latest version of NetPublish templates have been streamlined and enhanced, with improved Search capability and audio/video preview and playback. They are based on the Netscape JavaScript engine and include full JavaScript language support, giving experienced web designers great flexibility for additional customization and extended capabilities. Files in NPT format can be opened with Extensis Portfolio NetPublish in Mac OS and Microsoft Windows platforms.

Mac OS
Recommended npt file download:
Extensis Portfolio NetPublish
Extensis Portfolio NetPublish
Detail npt file extension information:
File Type: npt
File Format: Portfolio NetPublish Template
Primary Association: Data Files