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format file mxad

What is a mxad file and how do I open a mxad file?

The MXAD file extension is known as the Mandelbrot Explorer All Data File which was developed by J R Oakley. The Mandelbrot Explorer is a program used to visualize Mandelbrot Set and Julia Set fractal images. Specifically, the MXAD files save both the fractal region and the colour scheme and retrieves in all data format. It has the ability to store both the fractal parameters (fractal type, x and y coordinates, magnification and image resolution in a zoomed imagery and the overlaid color scheme. It is saved in an XML format and displays monochrome, grayscale, and color visualizations. MXAD files include the combined data that is stored separately in .mxcs and .mxfr files. They can be exported to .bmp, .jpg, .gif, and .png image formats by selecting the following program option: Click “File”, then” Save Image”. Files in MXAD format can be opened with Mandelbrot Explorer in Microsoft Windows platforms. Aside from MXAD, it also uses MXFR, MXCS, and MXRW formats.

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Mandelbrot Explorer
Detail mxad file extension information:
File Type: mxad
File Format: Mandelbrot Explorer All Data File
Primary Association: Data Files