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format file mwx

What is a mwx file and how do I open a mwx file?

The MWX file extension is known as the MapGuide Author Map Window File which was developed by Autodesk. It is a geographic information system which includes author map, map projection, background color, map layer, name, display attributes and location. MWX files do not store actual spatial data. They only describe how the data is displayed in a map and embedded in the webpage. They are stored in XML format and can be parsed and modified programmatically. MWX files are the XML representation of binary .mwf files. They are often used for sharing views of GIS, CAD, and map data between multiple users. It represents the logical structure of an Autodesk MapGuide map and is arranged in such a way that a developer can understand arrangement of map components and how they relate to each other and work together. Before creating a map with the Autodesk MapGuide Author, it is important t to create data sources. Files in MWX format can be opened with Autodesk MapGuide Viewer in Microsoft Windows platforms.

Recommended mwx file download:
Autodesk MapGuide Viewer
Detail mwx file extension information:
File Type: mwx
File Format: MapGuide Author Map Window XML File
Primary Association: GIS Files