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format file est

What is an est file and how do I open an est file?

The .est file extension is used mostly for map files made with the use of the mapping software from Streets & Trips. This software was created by Microsoft, and files with this extension are usually used for storing map settings. The software is a helpful tool for easily determining and marking locations, especially if a user is on a trip. Aside from map files, the .est file extension is also used in Construction Cost Estimate Files. All files that are related to or have something to do with construction costs and estimates mostly done by project organizers are saved using the .est extension. This makes project estimates easier. Other applications that have files using the .est extension include Webalizer, a log application software used mostly for statistical purposes. All the data gathered and saved in this software uses the .est extension. A number of applications can be used to open EST files.

Recommended est file download:
Microsoft Streets & Trips
Microsoft MapPoint
Detail est file extension information:
File Type: est
File Format: Streets & Trips Map File
Primary Association: GIS Files