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format file mup

What is a mup file and how do I open a mup file?

The MUP file extension is known as the Music Publisher Score which was developed by Braeburn Software. The Music Publisher Score software contains musical composition sheet, specifies instruments, notes, time signatures, dynamics, composer and title for conceptualizing music. It allows playback and music modification. It can be produced to hard copy after music composition. It has the ability to transpose existing sheet music and reprinting. MUP files are saved in a plain text format using a proprietary syntax that represents the musical score and generates PostScript output for printing music. MUP does not operate in a WYSIWYG environment so it does not attempt to duplicate. A MUP score can contain up to 32 staves of music, each with two voices. Each voice can have multiple notes (or chords), so complex arrangements are quite possible. It has two editions, the Standard and Scanning edition. Files in MUP format can be opened with Braeburn Music Publisher in Microsoft Windows platforms.

Recommended mup file download:
Braeburn Music Publisher
Detail mup file extension information:
File Type: mup
File Format: Music Publisher Score
Primary Association: Data Files