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format file mox

What is a mox file and how do I open a mox file?

The MOX file extension is a data file format associated to a simulation tool known as ExtendSim. The MOX file format and the ExtendSim software were developed by Imagine That, Inc. to provide users with functionalities for simulating real life processes in a wide variety of fields, such as manufacturing, healthcare, supply chain, communications, defense, environmental, agricultural, biological, energy, reliability, service, information flow and recreational systems. Simulation is the process of having a system model and carrying out real experiments to determine a certain hypotheses. There are four ExtendSim software packages, namely Continuous Process, Operations Research, Advanced Technology and Suite. This software was formerly known as Extend. The continuous Process version is also known as System Dynamics. The Operations Research version uses discrete event simulation features, while the Advanced Technology version is integrated with rate-based functionalities. The Suite version uses 3-Dimensional animation models, and it can handle the six simulation techniques in one package, and self-documenting features are also implemented into this version. This application is based on the six sigma management strategies. Files in the MOX format can be opened with the Imagine That ExtendSim software in Microsoft Windows-based systems or in Mac platforms.

Mac OS
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Imagine That ExtendSim
Imagine That ExtendSim
Detail mox file extension information:
File Type: mox
File Format: ExtendSim Simulation Software Model
Primary Association: Data Files