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format file merlin2

What is a merlin2 file and how do I open a merlin2 file?

The Merlin application developed by ProjectWizards makes use of the MERLIN2 file extension. This file extension is attached to the project schedules created using the Merlin software which is why MERLIN2 files are also known as Merlin Project Files. MERLIN2 files are categorized as data files and they mostly contain information such as the task, the schedule data as well as the project resource. MERLIN2 files are used to save and load these project schedules and with the use of the software, these MERLIN2 files can also be shared over a network. The Merlin software that uses these files is one of the leading software for the management of projects nowadays mostly used in the MAC OS environment. No matter what the projects are and whether the one creating the project are developers and project managers, their tasks are made easier when they use this application. The Merlin software is also used to open MERLIN2 files.

Mac OS
Recommended merlin2 file download:
ProjectWizards Merlin
Detail merlin2 file extension information:
File Type: merlin2
File Format: Merlin Project File
Primary Association: Data Files