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format file mai

What is a mai file and how do I open a mai file?

Microsoft has several mail server programs used to send and receive emails from contacts and the single mail files that is processed using Microsoft mail programs are known as MAI files. In other words, MAI files refer to the email processed, sent, and saved using the Microsoft mail software that are affixed with the file extension .mai. They contain the data’s actual message that references numerous mailbag records. Through these files, users can access copies of the emails even when they are not online. In fact, it is not only the Microsoft mail programs that support MAI files but also other email programs like the Pegasus email application. MAI files were developed by Microsoft since it is the Microsoft mail application that mostly contains these files which is why they are also known as Microsoft Mail files. Some common Microsoft mail programs that use MAI files are Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows live Mail.

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Microsoft Mail
Detail mai file extension information:
File Type: mai
File Format: Microsoft Mail File
Primary Association: Data Files