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format file kdbx

What is a kdbx file and how do I open a kdbx file?

The data files created by KeePass Password Safe are known as KDBX files and they usually refer to the KeePass Password Database. These files contain passwords in an encrypted database wherein they can only be viewed if the user set a master password and accessed them through that master password. KDBX files are useful when it comes to the secure storage of personal login credentials for email accounts, e-commerce sites, Windows, FTP sites and other purposes. KDBX files are mostly introduced using KeePass version 2 because the previous versions usually use the KDB format. KeePass is a password manager that runs on several operating systems like Windows, MAC, Linux as well as other mobile devices. It is an application used as password storage wherein the passwords are locked inside a highly-encrypted database using a master key file. Even if older versions of KeePass use KDB files, they can still be used to open KDBX files.

Recommended kdbx file download:
KeePass Password Safe
Detail kdbx file extension information:
File Type: kdbx
File Format: KeePass Password Database
Primary Association: Data Files