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format file ite

What is an ite file and how do I open an ite file?

These files are the file bundles that are created for iTunes. ITE files are known as iTunes Extras File and it is mainly associated with Apple iTunes, an application that allows users to shop for music, organize them and play them on their gadgets like ipad, etc. The Apple iTunes is also the application used for the management of these portable devices. Since the software caters mainly to music, videos, etc., the ITE files created for this application are the files that save the Web and multimedia file collection and this collection can include HTML, JavaScript, audio files, CSS, images, as well as video files. These files usually act as a self-contained website where users can navigate and play using iTunes. ITE files are also available to be purchased from the iTunes store as they are always included with album tracks or movie files. Since ITE files are named as iTunes extras, they refer to folders named using the ITE extension wherein they can be viewed by removing the ITE extension.

Mac OS
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Apple iTunes
Apple iTunes
Detail ite file extension information:
File Type: ite
File Format: iTunes Extras File
Primary Association: Data Files