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format file irx

What is an irx file and how do I open an irx file?

Like the IRR files, the IRX files are also associated with UVBrewer. IRX files are known as Brewer Irradiation Files as they are files containing irradiance data used to calibrate lamps in the software. The data that these files include are the responsitivity and irradiance properties of UVBrewer-calibrated lamps that most of the companies in the printing industry use. IRX files are the same as IRR files except for one thing. IRX files are the irradiance properties data itself while the IRR files are the files that define a specific lamp’s irradiance properties. The IRX file extension used by these files was developed by the Brewer Data Management Software. IRX files can normally be opened by Brewer UVBrewer software. This is a program that analyzes data files especially data files wherein its main function is the reduction of Brewer UV data files produced by a variety of routines. The software runs on a Windows operating system.

Recommended irx file download:
Brewer UVBrewer
Detail irx file extension information:
File Type: irx
File Format: Brewer Irradiation File
Primary Association: Data Files