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format file irr

What is an irr file and how do I open an irr file?

Brewer Lamp Files are called IRR files. They are categorized as data files developed by the Brewer Data Management Software. These files contain irradiance data that the UVBrewer calculated. They define a specific lamp’s irradiance properties and are usually created when a lamp is calibrated and the "Save lamp file" within UVBrewer is selected. IRR files can be opened on a Windows operating system with the use of the Brewer UVBrewe; the software that created these files. This software is popularly used to conduct Brewer UV data analysis. This program is used for the reduction of Brewer UV data files that the UV, UF, UX and the UA routines produce. The output produced by this application can either be in graph or an ASCII code of irradiance file, daily weighted UV or scan weighted UV. This program also determines Brewer response wherein all these UV response files and its history are kept within a setup file.

Recommended irr file download:
Brewer UVBrewer
Detail irr file extension information:
File Type: irr
File Format: Brewer Lamp File
Primary Association: Data Files