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format file iproject

What is an iproject file and how do I open an iproject file?

The project files created using iClone are known as IPROJECT files. These files are categorized as data files and they contain the settings of a project as well as their assets such as their backgrounds, avatars, music, props, animation as well as other 3D media files that can be edited. IPROJECT files are used for the saving and loading of iClone projects wherein these files can be exported to either .AVI or .WMV video file formats. These project files created by iClone can also be placed within wbesites if they are exported as Flash-based widgets. IPROJECT files are known to be very large files because of the fact that they store all the assets of a project. Reallusion iClone 5 is the main application used to open IPROJECT files. It is an application that is useful when it comes to the production of 3D animated movies since it contains numerous features that are necessary in building these movies such as real-time view, skeletal animations, scripting language, etc.

Recommended iproject file download:
Reallusion iClone 5
Detail iproject file extension information:
File Type: iproject
File Format: iClone Project File
Primary Association: Data Files