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format file igc

What is an igc file and how do I open an igc file?

When users create and save a list of media files using the Anime List Builder program, the files are automatically saved using the IGC file extension. Therefore, IGC files are also known as Anime List Builder Input Files. They are the files containing all the information found in a collection of multimedia. This information can either be anime series, movies, TV episodes, etc. IGC files have the ability to organize information in an XML format as well as these files can also be exported to plain text or HTML formats. Since the Anime List Builder program creates IGC files, it is the main application used to open these files. The Anime List Builder is a program used for the creation and management of user’s list of media files. Whether users edit or add a series to this list, or simply add information about a series on the list, it is possible with the use of this program.

Recommended igc file download:
IGC Anime List Builder
Detail igc file extension information:
File Type: igc
File Format: Anime List Builder Input File
Primary Association: Data Files