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format file hyv

What is a hyv file and how do I open a hyv file?

The HYV file extension was developed by HY-TEK Sports Software and the files that use this extension are known as Team Manager Meet Event Files because they are the files that the older versions of HY-TEK Team Manager use. These files contain meet information such as the meet name, course, entry qualification times and the events wherein this meet information are distributed to the participants. In later versions of Team Manager, EV3 files are used instead of the HYV files and they contain more information rather than HYV files. However, if users use the older Team Manager versions, they would be dealing with HYV files. The Team Manger software that uses HYV files is a program mainly used for the scheduling of swimming and track meets. This program provides users, specifically coaches, a user-friendly system they can use to automate the process of administering and tracking of performance for all teams of all competition levels.

Recommended hyv file download:
HY-TEK Sports Team Manager
Detail hyv file extension information:
File Type: hyv
File Format: Team Manager Meet Event File
Primary Association: Data Files