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format file hcr

What is a hcr file and how do I open a hcr file?

Files with HCR extension are associated with HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling application. This application was developed to provide automated stormwater runoff solution that can perform wide variety of computations involving drainage designs. Files in HCR format are utilized by this application to save rainfall curve data files or rainfall allocation used in simulating effective SBUH or SCS runoff processes. Rainfall curve data are usually presented in table form which can be downloaded from various reliable sources such as NRCC and NOAA or in particular application be defined by the user. User-defined rain fall allocation data filed in the Rainfall folder of the HydroCAD application are automatically saved as HCR files. HCR file format are also used by HydroCAD to store its pre-defined rainfall tables classified in different types and installed along with the application. HydroCAD-10, the most recent version of HydroCAD enables users to formulate suggested rainfall distribution derived from local data.

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Detail hcr file extension information:
File Type: hcr
File Format: HydroCAD Rainfall Curve Data File
Primary Association: Data Files