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format file frl

What is a frl file and how do I open a frl file?

The FormFlow software is the major software that uses the .frl file extension. The forms that the software creates are .frl files or .frl forms. The software is a helpful tool when it comes to filling out forms electronically. In the earlier days, filling out forms using the pen can only be done actually and manually through pen and paper. But now, it is already possible to fill out forms electronically using a pen through the Formflow software. This makes it easy for these files to be shared online. So, if users fill out forms in one place and need to submit it to another place, there won’t be any hassle already because this software allows all files it created to be passed electronically. This is also because it is possible to export .frl files to .pdf and .pdf files are files that can be downloaded to the computer no matter where the user is located. Other software that is associated with the .frl file extension is GP-Forth Library and PerForm.

Recommended frl file download:
Adobe LiveCycle
Accelio FormFlow
Detail frl file extension information:
File Type: frl
File Format: Electronic Form Loader File
Primary Association: Data Files
Mime Type: application/freeloader