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format file fmt

What is a fmt file and how do I open a fmt file?

The .fmt file extension is mostly associated with the Foxpro software. This file format is used as settings files that are implemented into certain validation processes for data entered by Foxpro users. Visual Foxpro also uses this file format as part of its resources. Most of the newer versions of these two applications can be used to open and view the content of these FMT files. These programs are used to create databases, tables, etc. It is mostly used by offices and business organizations for their operations. Aside from being associated with Foxpro, the .fmt extension is also used by WinRar as application support. WinRar is a file compressiona nd decompression tool, and this software has versions that can be installed in Microsoft Windows-based systems and Mac platforms. Pro Engineer is a CAD (Computer Assisted Design) program that is known to also use the .fmt file format. These applications are implemented with support for Microsoft Windows-based systems, and users need any of these programs to be installed in their Windows-based computers before they can open these FMT files and view or modify its content.

Recommended fmt file download:
Microsoft Visual FoxPro
Detail fmt file extension information:
File Type: fmt
File Format: FoxPro Format File
Primary Association: Configuration Files