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format file cfg

What is a cfg file and how do I open a cfg file?

CFG, or configuration files, are used to configure the initial settings for computer programs, and are used by a wide range of programs and applications. Some CFG files are also created when settings of a particular program or computer application are changed. Although they are usually written in ASCII code, they may be stored in a different format depending on which application created them. They are also used for user applications, server processes and operating system settings. CFG files may be viewed as a simple database.

There are applications that provide tools to create, modify, and verify the syntax of their configuration files; often they have graphical interfaces. Some programs, system administrators may be expected to create and modify files by hand using a text editor. Some software programs only read configuration files at start-up. Others periodically check the configuration files for changes. Users can instruct some programs to re-read the configuration files and apply the changes to the current process, or indeed to read arbitrary files as a configuration file. There are no definitive standards or strong conventions.

Mac OS
Recommended cfg file download:
Microsoft Notepad
Microsoft WordPad
Apple TextEdit
MacroMates TextMate
Detail cfg file extension information:
File Type: cfg
File Format: Configuration File
Primary Association: Configuration Files
Mime Type: text/plain