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format file ett

What is an ett file and how do I open an ett file?

Kingsoft developed the .ett file extension and use this file format for Kingsoft Spreadsheets template files. Kingsoft spreadsheets is a program that can also be used to create tables and other data presentation materials that can also be created by Microsoft Excel. Kingsoft spreadsheets work like Excel, and while excel files are saved with the .xls extension, Kingsoft spreadsheets templates are affixed with the .ett extension. Since it is Kingsoft that developed the .ett file format, having Kingsoft Spreadsheets installed in the computer can allow users to easily open .ett files. Kingsoft spreadsheets work in Windows operating systems, and this software also works on android operating systems. Android users can open .ett files if they have the Kingsoft Spreadsheets android version.

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Detail ett file extension information:
File Type: ett
File Format: Kingsoft Spreadsheets Template
Primary Association: Data Files