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format file efp

What is an efp file and how do I open an efp file?

An Exchange Forms Designer template file is stored in the EFP format and can be created using the Microsoft Exchange Forms Designer software. These EFP files are associated to EFD projects and are affixed with the .efp extension. Authors of the EFD file can implement template settings and data stored in an EFP file. An EFD file can be created, opened and edited using the Microsoft Exchange Forms Designer software, which uses the EFD format for its project output files. Users of Microsoft Windows-based systems can install and use the Microsoft Exchange Forms Designer software to develop digital forms that follow the formatting attributes and layout elements of a specific EFP template file. This is done to expedite the development process of the digital forms required by the Microsoft Exchange Forms Designer software, especially when the user needs the same formatting elements and layout configurations to be integrated into multiple EFD files (the digital forms). An EFD file is appended with the .efd extension.

Recommended efp file download:
Microsoft Exchange Forms Designer
Detail efp file extension information:
File Type: efp
File Format: Exchange Forms Designer Template
Primary Association: Data Files