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format file dsz

What is a dsz file and how do I open a dsz file?

OES embroidery files are data files used by certain applications developed for the creation of digital embroidery designs, and these programs are used for the production of consumer products requiring embroidery patterns. The Coats Embroidery Design Viewer software is an example of these applications that can be used to author and open or view and edit the content of these OES embroidery files. The content of these files are saved in the DSZ format and are appended with the .dsz extension. "OES" stands for Orchida Embroidery System, and these specifications are implemented into the encoding standards used for storing content in the DSZ format. Sewing details like guides and instructions, along with digital images used for certain embroidery designs developed by a user of supported embroidery design applications may be stored as the data saved in these DSZ files. TrueType fonts and images encoded and compressed in many digital image formats may be used for the creation of a DSZ file. Orchida Soft developed the DSZ file format and the OES (Orchida Embroidery System) software to provide Microsoft Windows users with features developed for creating, opening or viewing and modifying the content stored in these DSZ files.

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Detail dsz file extension information:
File Type: dsz
File Format: Orchida (OES) Embroidery File
Primary Association: Data Files