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format file bcm

What is a bcm file and how do I open a bcm file?

Microsoft Corporation developed the BCM file format as a data file used by the Microsoft Outlook 2010 software. The Business Contact Manager application is integrated into the Microsoft Outlook 2010 application, an email management software. These BCM files contain data referenced by the Microsoft Outlook 2010 program whenever a user accesses a feature of the application that corresponds to the details found in particular BCM files associated to that feature. Information about contact details and business information of people and companies entered by a user into his or her contact list in Microsoft Outlook 2010 are also stored in these BCM files, for future referencing. The Microsoft Outlook 2010 email management application can be installed in a Microsoft Windows system to implement support for these BCM files into the OS. The Business Data Import and Export feature is a function integrated into Microsoft Outlook 2010 so users can import and export the business information content of these BCM files.

Recommended bcm file download:
Microsoft Outlook 2013
Detail bcm file extension information:
File Type: bcm
File Format: Business Contact Manager File
Primary Association: Data Files