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format file aca

What is an aca file and how do I open an aca file?

Files stored in the ACA format are data files created and used by the Microsoft Agent software, and this application is for creating animated characters with interactive functionalities. When a Microsoft Agent output file is accessed by a user, this application locates the associated ACA file and retrieves the data stored in the file to reference those details and provide the user with the functionalities integrated by the author of the output project file. These details are relevant for the application to determine the movement, speech and background audio needed to be displayed. Since these ACA files are Agent Character Animation files, it is created by Microsoft Agent with another file in a different format, and this file is associated to the profile data of the animated character. These ACA files can also be opened and edited using the Microsoft Agent Character Editor software. Users of Microsoft Windows-based systems can install the Microsoft Agent application and the Microsoft Agent Character Editor software to access the functions integrated into these programs and implement support into their systems for these ACA files. However, Microsoft Corporation has as of this writing discontinued support for Microsoft Agent and Microsoft Agent Character Editor in the Microsoft Windows 7 OS.

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Detail aca file extension information:
File Type: aca
File Format: Agent Character Animation File
Primary Association: Data Files