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format file hdi

What is a hdi file and how do I open a hdi file?

Disk image files or hard disk images created for older NEC PC-98 computer system emulation software like Anex86 and T98-Next are known as HDI files. What these HDI files contain are the older PC-98 video games wherein these files allow these video games to be run on Windows provided there is emulation software that supports it. Two of the most common software that support HDI files and are used to open them are the Anex86 and the T98-Next. The Anex86 is a Windows emulator that contains GUI in English even if it is mainly created and used for Japanese computers. This makes the software easy to use for those who are not Japanese. But if users want the software in Japanese, they can always localize HDF files into Japanese. On the other hand, the T98-Next is another emulator for Windows and a sequel to T98. Since these are Windows emulators, they are most commonly run on Windows alone.

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Detail hdi file extension information:
File Type: hdi
File Format: Hard Disk Image
Primary Association: Disk Image Files
Mime Type: application/x-hotdocs