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format file e01

What is an e01 file and how do I open an e01 file?

An EnCase image file is encoded with disk image storage and compression standards used in the E01 format. These E01 files are affixed with the .e01 extension and are used by the EnCase application. The EnCase software and the E01 disk image format was developed by Guidance Software to provide forensic scientists and criminalists with a set of features useful in storing, organizing and updating the technical text and image data saved in these E01 files. When an EnCase user needs to transfer a number of forensic documents and digital photos, he or she can use this software to generate a disk image in the E01 format. The E01 file can then be copied unto a flash disk among other external data storage devices, or even emailed or uploaded to a Web server. The data stored in the E01 file can then be accessed by mounting the E01 disk image file using EnCase or other compatible applications implemented with support for the E01 disk image format. The forensic and technical content of an E01 file can be used in judiciary proceedings as evidence that may be used in criminal cases among other legal cases.

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Detail e01 file extension information:
File Type: e01
File Format: EnCase Image File
Primary Association: Disk Image Files