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format file diagpkg

What is a diagpkg file and how do I open a diagpkg file?

One system file format used by Microsoft Windows-based computers for the WTP Wizard applet bundled with these platforms is also called the troubleshooting pack file format. These files are stored in the DIAGPKG format and implemented with encoding specifications and standards proprietary to Microsoft. The "WTP" in the WTP Wizard applet stands for Windows Troubleshooting Platform, and this application is bundled with Microsoft Windows-based systems. Also known as the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool, the WTP Wizard applet to provide assistance to users for finding, troubleshooting and resolving issues and problems present in the Microsoft Windows-based computer. These issues can be problems with hardware devices connected to the computer and problems encountered by applications installed in the system. The "DIAGPKG" in the DIAGPKG file format stands for diagnostic packages, since genuine .diagpkg copies used to troubleshoot and resolve certain hardware and software problems can be posted by its creators for download. Users should check the digital signatures integrated into the DIAGPKG file to ensure its authenticity.

Recommended diagpkg file download:
Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool
Detail diagpkg file extension information:
File Type: diagpkg
File Format: Troubleshooting Pack File
Primary Association: System Files