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format file chg

What is a chg file and how do I open a chg file?

Data stored in system files are referenced by the associated operating system when required to provide support or certain functionalities requested by the user from its integrated features. Files affixed with the .chg extension are classified as system files used by the Microsoft Windows 7 OS and are also specifically called Windows Net Logon files. Net Logon is an applet built into the Microsoft Windows 7 OS as a service corresponding to user login functionalities. Also called Netlogon and change log files, these CHG files were developed by Microsoft as login security database tracking files. Files appended with the .chg extension contain vital data used by the Microsoft Windows 7 OS and should not be opened or modified, especially since login data corresponding to Microsoft Windows 7 user accounts created by a user with administrator privileges are stored and are referenced by these files during user account login. This means editing the content of these CHG files can damage the login functionalities of the Microsoft Windows 7 OS, and may prevent a user from logging into a user account even when the correct credentials are used.

Recommended chg file download:
Microsoft Windows Net Logon
Detail chg file extension information:
File Type: chg
File Format: Windows Net Logon File
Primary Association: System Files