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format file wcat

What is a wcat file and how do I open a wcat file?

The .wcat extension is known as a WinCatalog Collection File because it is attached to files created by the WinCatalog program. This program is used for indexing file data and the files created using this program contain information index specifically regarding files in the hard drive, discs, folders, etc. Because of these indexed files, users won’t have a hard time performing their searches as well as they can also perform their searches quickly. Usually, the information contained in the .wcat files is about compressed file contents, audio CDs and multimedia. It doesn’t matter if the files are stored in a flash drive or any drives and cards, with these .wcat files, using the WinCatalog program can provide quick and easy searches for a variety of files users are searching for. These files can only be opened using WinCatalog but there are converters and editors as well as file fixers that can open these files even without the program.

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Detail wcat file extension information:
File Type: wcat
File Format: WinCatalog Collection File
Primary Association: Data Files