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format file gca

What is a gca file and how do I open a gca file?

A GCA file archive contains files and folders or even a single file or folder compressed by a user of the GCA software. These encoding and compression specifications are integrated by the GCA application into these GCA file archives, and this program saves these files in the GCA format. Though a lesser known compression format, these GCA files are implemented with better compression ratios than some standard compression formats. This means these GCA files may have smaller file sizes compared to compressed files stored in other more popular compression formats. The GCA program preceded the DGCA application, and with this upgrade was also a set of improved compression specifications implemented into the GCA compression format. Some compression tools are integrated with security features that can encrypt the content of a compressed file and protect it with a unique password that can be assigned by the author of the compressed file or automatically generated by these programs.

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Detail gca file extension information:
File Type: gca
File Format: GCA File Archive
Primary Association: Compressed Files
Mime Type: application/x-gca-compressed