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format file tlk

What is a tlk file and how do I open a tlk file?

TLK files are game files commonly referred to as BioWare Aurora Engine Talk Table Files or the language dialog files that BioWare first-person shooter games use. TLK files are developed by Bioware containing dialog strings usually displayed during the game. These files allow the game to be translated into not only one but different language. Since game files are displayed to the users, they should be translated to a language that the user can understand and this is where TLK files are necessary. Programs that support TLK files are Infinity Engine technologies and BioWare's Aurora Engine and examples of games that mostly contain these game files are Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's Gate, and Dragon Age: Origins, all developed by Bioware. TLK files are known as “dialog.tlk” and they are mostly found in the directory where game installations are located. TLK files can be accessed with the use of Infinity Engine Talk Table Editor, Talk table editor as well as TalkEd.

Recommended tlk file download:
Infinity Engine Talk Table Editor
Talk table editor
Detail tlk file extension information:
File Type: tlk
File Format: BioWare Aurora Engine Talk Table File
Primary Association: Game Files