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format file scm

What is a scm file and how do I open a scm file?

The ScreenCam plug-in was developed by SmartGuys for users of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 to integrate SCM files into their MS PowerPoint presentations. Files in the .scm format are ScreenCam screen recording files containing video content developed from screen capture sequences. These screen capture videos can be created using the ScreenCam screen capture application. This program can record the PC screen and convert the recorded video content into viewable video files stored in the SCM format. The StreamCam application can on the other hand be used to stream the video content of files with the .scm extension. IBM Lotus was initially the developer of the ScreenCam application, but the program is now owned by SmartGuyz. Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 can be used to open or view the video content stored in an SCM file, though the ScreenCam plug-in needs to be installed. There are third party applications which can be used to convert SCM files into more popular digital video data formats, for wider cross compatibility support in terms of offline and online playback or streaming.

Recommended scm file download:
SmartGuyz ScreenCam
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 with ScreenCam plug-in
Detail scm file extension information:
File Type: scm
File Format: ScreenCam Screen Recording
Primary Association: Digital Video Files
Mime Type: application/scm, application/screencam, application/vnd.lotus-screencam, application/x-icq, application/x-icq-scm, application/x-scm, application/x-screencam, text/x-scheme, text/x-script.scheme, video/x-screencam