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format file saf

What is a saf file and how do I open a saf file?

Files with the SAF extension are map files that can be created, viewed and modified using the DeLorme Street Atlas USA application, a GPS and custom mapping program. This is a digital map with details about specific areas in a region of a particular American state. Users can modify and add certain details to a particular SAF map file using the DeLorme Street Atlas USA program. Some of these details include coordinates, magnification values or zoom options, customized map routes and particular user settings or preferences. Usually, these SAF files are stored in the map directory created in the folder where the program files associated to the DeLorme Street Atlas USA program are found, and this folder was created upon program installation.

Recommended saf file download:
DeLorme Street Atlas USA
Detail saf file extension information:
File Type: saf
File Format: Street Atlas USA Map File
Primary Association: GIS Files