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format file jam

What is a jam file and how do I open a jam file?

A Jam STAPL File is classified as a CAD file, and CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design. These Jam STAPL files are integrated with Standard Test and Programming Language specifications, also known as STAPL, and this was developed for the JAM format. PLDs (Programmable Logic Devices) are implemented with the same STAPL specifications. The content of a Jam STAPL file may include algorithm or source code, metadata details and pieces of data used to develop these Programmable Logic Devices. Specific data from vendors of certain PLDs are stored in these Jam STAPL files for the integration of standard coding requirements as a default format for the development of PLD designs. Applications sometimes called Jam Composer tools can be used to generate these vendor data for implementation into their PLD development projects. A vendor then distributes these Jam STAPL files for testing purposes using the Jam Player software. These Jam STAPL files are integrated with encoding specifications developed for the JAM format. These JAM files can be tested by using the Jam Player application. ASCII text formatting standards are also implemented into files affixed with the .jam extension. These JAM files can also be used for the compilation and development of byte-sub files used to serve as the representation of the binary data stored in the file in its uncompressed format.

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Any text editor
Altera Quartus
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Detail jam file extension information:
File Type: jam
File Format: Jam STAPL File
Primary Association: CAD Files