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format file ingr

What is an ingr file and how do I open an ingr file?

An Intergraph image file is used by the Intergraph application to store raster and vector graphic images associated to geospatial maps and projects developed using Intergraph Software. The content of an Intergraph image file may include several vector graphics, raster images and other digital bitmap images that represent visual objects and elements implemented into an Intergraph geospatial project, and these visual objects and elements comprise a map or image structure integrated in a geospatial project, such as buildings, structural obstructions and houses among others. The content of an Intergraph image file is integrated with encoding specifications used to store digital raster, vector graphic and bitmap image data in the INGR format, and these Intergraph image files are appended with the .ingr extension.

Recommended ingr file download:
Intergraph GeoMedia
Detail ingr file extension information:
File Type: ingr
File Format: Intergraph Image File
Primary Association: Vector Graphics Files