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What is an img file and how do I open an img file?

A Macintosh disk image file is a mirror copy of the Mac file system and can be mounted on a computer as a virtual hard disk drive. These Macintosh disk image files can also be used as virtual optical drives like DVD and CD drives. Mac OS 9 and older versions are integrated with support for using and mounting these Macintosh disk image files. These Macintosh disk image files are saved in the IMG format and are affixed with the .img extension. These IMG files are also stored with encoding specifications and implemented with file compression standards proprietary to Apple. Similar to ISO files, an IMG file can sometimes be changed to an ISO file by simply replacing the .img extension with the .iso extension, and doing this will allow a user to use the IMG file with an image mounting program developed for Microsoft Windows-based systems. Mac OS X is also implemented with support for opening and using these IMG files, though newer disk image file formats are now widely used by associated applications programmed for Mac platforms.

Mac OS
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Detail img file extension information:
File Type: img
File Format: Macintosh Disk Image
Primary Association: Disk Image Files
Mime Type: application/x-img, image/img
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