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format file dsx

What is a dsx file and how do I open a dsx file?

The Diet Studio XML file format was developed by Numerical Computing for the Diet Studio software, a program also developed by Numerical Computing to provide users with a program that can organize and monitor their personal health profiles and nutritional details. These Diet Studio XML files are saved in the DSX format and are appended with the .dsx extension. XML-based encoding specifications and standards are implemented into the content of these DSX files. The content stored in these .dsx files may include nutritional values of food and beverages entered by the author of these DSX files among other pieces of health-related details using the Diet Studio software. This application can be installed in computers running on Microsoft Windows-based systems to create, open, view and edit the content of these DSX files. Reports encoded in XML and HTML formats can be generated by the Diet Studio software, which uses corresponding DSX files selected by users to produce these reports. The Diet Studio program can also be used to schedule the generation of these XML or HTML reports on a daily or weekly basis.

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Numerical Computing Diet Studio
Detail dsx file extension information:
File Type: dsx
File Format: Diet Studio XML File
Primary Association: Graphics Files