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format file dsv

What is a dsv file and how do I open a dsv file?

The DSV file extension is used in a file also known as Data Source View file, this type of file is commonly associated with Microsoft SQL server, Microsoft software which is used to store database (database management system). One of the Microsoft SQL server’s primary functions is to save and retrieve data as requested by the software application; it could be used on the same computer or those computers that are connected on a network. The Data Source View file (DSV) is a new concept that was introduced in the Microsoft SQL server 2005. DSV files are built on a data source and so in order for you to use a data source view in a package, you need to add the data source first in the package. File types such as DSV and the like dictates how a data source is viewed in the Microsoft SQL server, it gives a specific selection of database object that describes sources and destination for Microsoft SQL server 2005, Microsoft SQL server 2008 and Microsoft SQL server 2008 S2.

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File Type: dsv
File Format: DeSmuME Save File
Primary Association: Microsoft Files