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format file awm

What is an awm file and how do I open an awm file?

An AllWebMenus data file is used by the AllWebMenus software to store dropdown menu items and objects that were implemented by an AllWebMenus user into a DHTML Web page. DHTML stands for Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language, and these refer to Web pages that are integrated with dynamic content like pop up boxes, dropdown menus and other content types that are implemented with cross Web browser compatibility support. This means reference data associated to the content of these pop up boxes, dropdown menus and cross compatibility support functionalities are all stored in an AllWebMenus data file by the AllWebMenus software. The content of an AllWebMenus data file is implemented with ECMAScript and DOM encoding and source code compilation specifications by the AllWebMenus software, and this program stores its content in the AWM file format. These AllWebMenus files are affixed with the .awm extension.

Recommended awm file download:
Likno AllWebMenus
Detail awm file extension information:
File Type: awm
File Format: AllWebMenus Project File
Primary Association: Web Files