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format file pipe

What is a pipe file and how do I open a pipe file?

CAD file created by PIPE-FLO, a program used for designing piping systems; stores a schematic of the piping system (series, branching, or looped) and can include pipelines, pumps, compressors, control valves, and other components; used for both liquid and gas systems.

PIPE-FLO projects are used for designing and planning piping systems before constructing them. Projects can be simulated in the software to preview the performance under expected conditions.

NOTE: PIPE files are created by the Professional, Compressible, and Stock versions of PIPE-FLO, as well as Flow of Fluids Premium.

Recommended pipe file download:
Engineered Software PIPE-FLO
Engineered Software Flow of Fluids
Detail pipe file extension information:
File Type: pipe
File Format: PIPE-FLO Project File
Primary Association: CAD Files