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format file laccdb

What is a laccdb file and how do I open a laccdb file?

LACCDB files are known as Microsoft Access Lock Files. The LACCDB file extension was developed by Microsoft and is used by files that refer to the lock files created using Access 2007. LACCDB files contain database locks and they play a lot in the prevention of unexpected overwrites or deletions. LACCDB files are automatically created by Access 2007 and this occurs when .ACCDB files are opened. Once these .ACCDB files are closed, the LACCDB files created by Access will also be closed automatically. They have similar names that of the ACCDB file that corresponds to them as well as they are also found in the same directory. LACCDB files and the .LDB files created by older versions of Access have the same purpose too. LACCDB files can be opened using Microsoft Access 2010 on Windows. This application enables the reduction of errors and save time when it comes to publishing, managing and sharing data files through the internet while keeping data secured.

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Microsoft Access 2013
Detail laccdb file extension information:
File Type: laccdb
File Format: Microsoft Access Lock File
Primary Association: Microsoft Files