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format file f

What is a f file and how do I open a f file?

A Fortran source code file is classified as a developer file, and these Fortran source code files can be created and edited by any of the Fortran development programs. The content of a Fortran source code file is encoded and compiled using F format specifications and standards. The data contained in an F file includes source codes and other application details that correspond to a program developed using the Fortran programming language. The C-PreProcessor software must preprocess the data stored in an F file, and this is done for the processed source code to then be transmitted to the Fortran compiler. Since These Fortran source code files are affixed with the .f extension, and these are also text files because plain text and binary encoding standards are also implemented into the F format. This means there are many text editing applications developed for Microsoft Windows-based systems and Mac platforms that can be used to open and view the content of these F files.

Mac OS
Recommended f file download:
Absoft Pro Fortran
MacroMates TextMate
Apple Xcode
Absoft Pro Fortran
Detail f file extension information:
File Type: f
File Format: Fortran Source Code
Primary Association: Development Files
Mime Type: text/x-fortran