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format file dgs

What is a dgs file and how do I open a dgs file?

The DGS file extension is identified with Dagesh Pro Word Processor which was developed by TES. Dagesh Pro Word Processor is a Hebrew to English Word processor which has spell check for several languages and over 2000 Hebrew true-type fonts. Dagesh Pro has a lot of features namely automatic identification of tables and columns, distinguishes between graphics and texts, has Font trainer, retains various documents and text attributes, directly connects to the scanner and scanner software without having to leave the program, supports image file formats and desktop scanners including HP and Twain, saves typing time, recognize mixed English and Hebrew text, 99.9% accurate and seamless integration into Dagesh Pro Word processor. It also allows plug-in like the OCR programs that users liked. Its ability to translate Hebrew language to English language fascinates a lot of users. It saves them time and effort whenever they need instant access to its meaning in both languages.

Recommended dgs file download:
TES Dagesh Pro
Detail dgs file extension information:
File Type: dgs
File Format: Dagesh Pro Document
Primary Association: Text Files