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What is an app file and how do I open an app file?

Files stored in the APP format are executable files integrated with data compression standards and program logic compilation specifications that are used for creating Mac OS X application files, and these files are appended with the .app extension. The content of an APP file is program logic data that is used by a built-in or third party application to implement its embedded set of functionalities and perform its intended operations in the Mac OS X platform. This program logic data is normally integrated with file and resource references, modular directives and command line sequences, which can allow the Mac OS X application to find, load and reference required component files and resource libraries for correctly deploying its features into the Mac OS X system. WinRAR can be used in Microsoft Windows to view the content of these .app files.

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Detail app file extension information:
File Type: app
File Format: Mac OS X Application
Primary Association: Program Execution Files