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format file xds

What is a xds file and how do I open a xds file?

Files implemented with the .xds extension are used by the DS Game Maker software, a program used for the creation of custom Nintendo DS games. These .xds project files that the application created are important because they contain game lines and codes. In other words, these files serve as storage of the game codes used to execute the game. These files also contain other resources for the game like images and audio effects. Aside from this program, files using the .xds extension are also known as design files created by certain device information management applications. These programs are generally used for the creation of applets that help in displaying information regarding computer resource usage and particular devices that are connected to the system. These files popularly contain pieces of data, such as layouts and statistics that are relevant to the activity of certain devices. These .xds files in general can be opened with the use of these applications.

Recommended xds file download:
Invisionsoft DS Game Maker
Detail xds file extension information:
File Type: xds
File Format: DS Game Maker Project File
Primary Association: Game Files