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format file sis

What is a sis file and how do I open a sis file?

If computers install applications by using the EXE format, mobile devices use the Symbian OS for installations and the installer archives used by Symbian are known as SIS files. Almost all of the popular brands of mobile devices use Symbian OS, meaning SIS files are important in almost all mobile devices especially when it comes to installing applications. Creating SIS files requires Symbian's "makesis" command line tool and this tool comes along with the program known as CreateSIS. SIS files can be opened by transferring them to the appropriate mobile device or the device using the Symbian OS but most of the time, SIS files are useful for installing themes in an S60 phone. After SIS files are transferred, they can be opened on the mobile device already. Mobile phone programs such as the Nokia Suite can open SIS files. This is an application that allows the transfer of data on the computer such as photos, music and videos to the mobile phone and vice versa.

Recommended sis file download:
Nokia Suite
Nokia PC Suite
Detail sis file extension information:
File Type: sis
File Format: Symbian Installation File
Primary Association: Multiple Use Files