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format file sdm

What is a sdm file and how do I open a sdm file?

The StarOffice Mail program is an email management application that stores email messages in files with the SDM extension, and these SDM files can be created and viewed using this program. Files with the .sdm extension are generally text documents, since it contains blocks of text with formatting and layout attributes. These formatting and layout options can be implemented by senders into their email messages, because there are many features integrated into the StarOffice Mail application. Developed by Sun Microsystems, this application is available in Microsoft Mac-based platforms and PCs running on Microsoft Windows systems. The StarOffice Mail program can be used to easily manage and view SDM email messages or quickly send and receive email messages with or without attachments. The StarOffice Mail application is used to open or view the content of files in the .sdm extension, and Openoffice.Org does not provide support for SDM files, though there is a version of the StarOffice Mail software for Linux-based systems.

Recommended sdm file download:
Sun Microsystems StarOffice Mail
Sun Microsystems StarOffice Mail
Detail sdm file extension information:
File Type: sdm
File Format: StarOffice Mail Message
Primary Association: Text Files
Mime Type: application/vnd.stardivision.mail