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format file ptf

What is a ptf file and how do I open a ptf file?

Files in the PTF format are audio files created by Avid Technology’s Pro Tools, a digital audio workstation platform widely used by professionals throughout the audio and video production industry. Pro Tools offers features including production, editing, scoring and all other post production elements needed for both audio and video files. Pro Tools can also act as a stand-alone software or used together with third-party converters and other programs. PTF files are mainly session files created from Pro Tools. Although such files are not able to contain the actual audio or video files themselves, PTF files may contain added audio effects, automations, project settings used in the production of the project and the reference to its actual audio or video file. To view and manage such files, the user may be required to install the authoring program, which is Pro Tools 7.0. manually opening and conversion of this file is discouraged.

Mac OS
Recommended ptf file download:
Avid Pro Tools
Avid Pro Tools
Detail ptf file extension information:
File Type: ptf
File Format: Pro Tools 7 Session File
Primary Association: Audio Files