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format file ppc

What is a ppc file and how do I open a ppc file?

The Mobile Data Studio project file format was developed by CreativityCorp, and files saved in this format are categorized as developer files. PPC files are known to consist of user interface page collections including data such as interactive fields. These files are necessary for users to save the progress of application development. These files are categorized as developer files because they are used for the main function of the software Mobile Data Studio, which is to develop business applications for mobile devices. Since PPC files are project files created using the software, the Mobile Data Studio is also the main software used to open these files. The software helps in the creation of applications that can trigger the improvement of business productivity and eliminating the hassle of paperwork. In other words, the software is not only convenient in itself when it comes to creating these applications, but it also makes business processes more convenient and effective. PPC files contribute a lot to this process.

Recommended ppc file download:
CreativityCorp Mobile Data Studio
Detail ppc file extension information:
File Type: ppc
File Format: Mobile Data Studio Project File
Primary Association: Development Files