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format file lw4

What is a lw4 file and how do I open a lw4 file?

Theatrical lighting is not an easy task, which is why there is a program called Lightwright used to manage paperwork related to theatrical lighting. The software creates documents known as LightWright files and these documents are attached with the LW4 file extension which is why they are called LW4 files. LW4 files are saved in a unique format as the format consists of a cross between database and spreadsheet formats. These files contribute a lot the management of theatrical lighting or the function of the LightWright application since these files can contain 30,000 lights, 62 DMX universes, six different control systems as well as 32,000 dimmers. These documents refer to the paperwork used and are necessary for professional lighting design management. These files make it easy for users to manage lighting through the LightWright software. LW4 files as well as the LightWriught software were developed by John McKernon Software and categorized as data files.

Mac OS
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John McKernon Lightwright
John McKernon Lightwright
Detail lw4 file extension information:
File Type: lw4
File Format: Lightwright File
Primary Association: Data Files